The Design Guild

Are you really passionate about permaculture and want to immerse yourself in it? Have you completed a PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) ? Or you might consider it one day?

The Permablitz Designers Guild is our pool of people that have, or are working towards a Permaculture Design Course (PDC), the most basic  72 hour permaculture training course.

The design guild provides design and leadership support for blitz events.

The designers we have at present are:

Hugo Verhagen

Lisa Isherwood


Join the amazing and inspiring Central North Island Permablitz Design Guild. Which is to say a mailing list for local PDC graduates. We’ll let you know when opportunities arise.

We’d love you to help spread the permablitz concept by designing edible or permaculture garden projects for other blitz events. You can either lead the resulting blitzes yourself or, get help from others in the guild. (see the permablitz designers guide in the resources section to learn how)

Whether you’d like to be involved as a task leader on blitz days or to help with designs beforehand, we’d love to hear from you. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself –  where you live, whether you have a PDC and how you feel about taking on designs and working with others.

(If you haven’t done a PDC — the basic 72 hour permaculture training course,  … check out the what is permaculture? page, there are links to where you can find upcoming courses.)

Often people say PDC’s are life-changing and the best personal investment in one’s education that you could ever make.  It can open many doors to a whole new community of friends, teach you new skills in self sufficiency and arm you with the tools needed to help others.

If you have a specialist skill, profession or career, it may help you realise a whole new context you maybe haven’t yet considered, allowing you to allowing you to apply your skill base in much more sustainable ways.

The PDC page on the Permaculture institute of NZ website  usually shows a calendar of all the upcoming PDCs in New Zealand listed there. The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia also has a great website for courses there. 

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